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Happily bringing peace to PC owners across Bucks and Montgomery Counties since 2004

My Business idea is simple, just treat others with the level of service I like to receive. This means I guarantee my time,  which means if I have to return back to your home or business within 30 days for the same issue i just fixed the return trip is completely FREE!!! I am very friendly and love to spread my knowledge so i often give short lessons while we wait on the computer to finish transferring files or whatever its doing. I offer free pickup and delivery and i never leave until my customer is as comfortable or more with their PC than before it malfunctioned. So give me a call now the number is at the bottom of the page and lets get started.

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Randy Robinson

Raised right here in the heart of Bucks county. Randy's interest in computers and what makes them tick began way back in 6th grade when he got his first Commodore 64. With in the fist year he wrote his first program and from there is was off to the races. He went on to study computer science at Bucks County Community College. Then in 2000 he studied computer and internet programming at Computer Leaning Center where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and top of his class. Randy has worked on dozens of major internet projects for many coorations like HP, Xerox and Microsoft to name just a few. Randy is a certified Microsoft developer in Visual Basic and is MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert)certified. He is also MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist). His favorite sport is Disk Golf  and he enjoys being a stay at home dad to his son Asher, who depending on schedules you may catch on a service call with him. Randy has also been known to take the office mascots Zoe and Trixie their 2 dogs each under 10lbs, out on a service call if they are going to have a playmate. 


Anacelia Perez

Anacelia hails from New Jersey now living in Perkasie with Randy and Asher. She is the administrative side of our business. She handles the phones and directs Randy where to go. Anacelia's experience comes in with the business end as she has over a decade managing successful businesses. She went to Rutgers University and brings a diverse set of business skills to the table. One of Anacelia's points of pride is her outreach into the community. She got us started on building a working computer out of all the recycled units we get and then we give them away to woman with kids in battered woman shelters. She truly is the heart of our business. Anacelia's favorite thing to do is cuddle up with a good book and fall into the world it creates.


Asher Robinson

While Asher doesn't bring much to the business end of things quite yet he certainly brings the energy. Asher is endlessly curious and will play with anyone so if there are going to be kids about you can bet he is going to try to be on that service call. 


Trixie and Zoe - Office Mascots

Trixie and Zoe are the ultimate mascots, cute as can be and perfect for hugging, more Zoe then Trixie there thou. Trixie is perfect for sitting on your lap for a good back scratch